retail training and customer service courses

Retail Training Courses

Work with Liam Richmond to deliver a better customer experience, improve customer loyalty, generate more repeat business, convert more shoppers into buyers and exceed your sales targets. If your retail business has 1 store or more than 1,000 stores, we can help your business gain the competitive advantage you need. Liam Richmond is an award … Continue reading Retail Training Courses

Enterprise and business sales learning training and development. Course and programs.

Sales Training Courses

Work with Liam Richmond to win more deals, win deals faster, improve your sales process and provide a better experience to your customers and accounts. If you have a small sales team or one with more than 500 people; we can help your business gain the competitive advantage and succeed! Liam Richmond specialises in sales … Continue reading Sales Training Courses

Consulting services for retail and sales training learning development by Liam Richmond

Consulting for Retail and Sales

Liam Richmond is an award winning sales improvement and customer experience enhancement consultancy. Our strategic consulting delivers better employee capability, greater productivity, more effective leadership and management, increased sales, improved customer service and a better customer experience. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes, including great global brands such as Vodafone, Flight Centre, Sony, JP Morgan … Continue reading Consulting for Retail and Sales

Project Management Training Development Liam Richmond

Project Management for Training and Development

Liam Richmond is a specialist in delivering training, learning and capability development projects which focus on developing employee capability and delivering greater productivity, resulting in higher sales and a better customer experience. We provide project management in addition to our other consulting services and our projects regularly contribute to wider strategic business initiatives aimed at driving organisational … Continue reading Project Management for Training and Development

Customer Experience Consulting

Liam Richmond is a consultancy working with businesses to enhance and improve their customer service, enabling them to provide a best in class customer experience and out perform their competition. Customer focus has always been our priority – right from starting on our first ever contract more than 10 years ago. By using a customer-centric … Continue reading Customer Experience Consulting