Sony Mobile Global Sales Workshop

Sony Mobile Communications Global Sales Workshop by Liam Richmond

Liam Richmond was selected to work with Sony Mobile Communications because of our experience with sales training & capability development, and a proven record of success when working with global brands in the telecommunications industry.

We worked closely with the senior management from Sony Mobile to design and develop a sales performance workshop to be attended by Sony’s top global sales talent from across the world. The agenda, content and activities were custom designed by Liam Richmond to ensure the goals defined by Sony management were achieved within the time available.

The workshop took place at Sony global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan and was attended by sales executives from around the world. The event was also hosted and facilitated by Liam Richmond who delivered the workshop in a way that was highly interactive, engaging, challenging and also great fun for all involved. By the end of the event we had achieved the required outcomes, shared examples of best practice from around the world, and helped prepare the sales teams for success.

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