adidas Group Retail IT Systems Training

adidas Group rolled out new and improved retail IT systems across its stores in a number of key markets around the world. Essential to the success of the roll out was that the store employees were able to make the most of new improved functionality, perform critical key tasks, maximise store sales and continue to provide an excellent customer experience.

Liam Richmond partnered with global and local project teams to develop a training strategy that contributed to the success the overall project. The technology rollout was carefully co-ordinated with the training activities to ensure staff had the necessary capability on the new systems.

What we did

Training modules and learning resources were designed for the IT systems which included; Point of Sale (POS), back office and stock management. Training and associated resources were “store proof” and targeted the specific needs of the various roles in stores such as: sales, stock and management positions. The learning strategy was scalable across large geographic regions such as the Pacific (Australia and New Zealand). A Train-The-Trainer (TTT) approach was used due to its speed, cost effectiveness and scalability. TTT workshops were highly effective, hands on, engaging, interactive and fun. Using this approach also ensured that the trainers were provided with the skills and resources they needed to train the retail store teams and also had the capability to continue training on an ongoing basis. A strategic outlook ensured that the modules could be incorporated and used during the induction of new starters.

Results achieved

  • Store teams were able to immediately utilise the new system functionality and gain the benefits
  • Developed engagement and buy in for the new systems
  • Training was easy to scale and roll out across global markets
  • Improved and built greater trainer capability
  • Trainers were fully prepared to train retail store teams in advance of the new systems going live
  • Reduced impacts on sales and customer experience when the systems went live
  • Checks ensured staff had a standard level of capability on each system
  • Each store could deliver training on an ongoing basis and include it within existing induction

What participants had to say

“Speed, efficiency, simplicity”

“Theory then practical experience”

“Easy to follow, stress free and uncomplicated”

“Manuals were easy to follow”

“The tools given”

“Hands on learning! Having the computers set up to be able to use and practice on”


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