Using extensive retail experience, Liam Richmond was able to really fine tune the content of the Retail Store Management Program so that is was completely relevant to the audience. 4 years on and we have seen our leadership performance significantly lift because of this program. The feedback from attendees has been nothing but positive and importantly we have seen significant improvement in performance of our retail business!

Reon Goodwillie, Head of Retail, Vodafone NZ

Liam Richmond’s expertise and experience is so broad and inspiring. He delivers coaching and training in a friendly but direct manner and his approach is to tease out that info locked away in your brain is incredible – all of those who have had training with him all say the same thing! The benefits to the business have been enormous; we work and communicate better as a team and are now a higher performing and more successful business. I cannot recommend Liam Richmond enough for his work with Farro Fresh.

Michal Haines, General Manager, Farro Fresh Food